Thursday, February 11, 2010

I am not a womb for rent


I'VE BEEN engrossed in the pro-choice issue, more so recently than in the past, and I am glad I am paying more attention! I get ever so mad at people who say that abortion should only be in the case of rape, incest or if carrying a child to term would hurt the mother. What is the difference of aborting that fetus vs. aborting any other fetus?

And are you going to go through all the adoption hooplah when the child is born? And are you going to pay for all the things that that child deserves after it is born? And are you going to push a 10-lb object through your vagina for seven hours? And are you going to not judge a single mother? And are you going to pay for the medical bills for the child if it has a terminal disease? And are you going to force me to have a child I do not want?

It's about choice and safety for the woman. It's about power over a woman's body, not about the unborn.

Just think--if the government can force you to have a child, it can force you to have an abortion. I am not a womb for rent.

Jacquelyn Patterson


  1. Every single thing you said in this post was so backwards and wrong I am almost speechless. How can you completely disregard a child's life to live? A man and a women have a right to have sex, which doesn't come with the risk of creating a life, but it is meant for the miracle of life. That's one of the reasons why it is so beautiful. But, if you make the choice to have sex, that comes with the responsibility of life. That's where the choice comes in, no one is forcing these individuals to have sex with each other, except obviously in cases of rape. But, when we live in a country where we resort to ending life, because irresponsible people decide that they can't deal with the repercussions of the fun times they had, we have a major problem. Why do we care more about pleasure than love?

  2. I wanted to be completely against abortion, but I am stuck in the middle due to some 'exceptions'. If having the baby is going to cause the woman to die, then it should be all right for the woman to have an abortion. This already has essays worth of material to try to justify itself, so I will leave it alone with that simple version of that idea. If the doctors find out that the baby will be born with some sort of serious handicap or is going to die soon due to some complications, would it be all right then to abort it and not let it suffer? Of course, doctors aren't always right, but when they are, what would be the right thing to do? As much as I hate abortion, these sort of curve ball questions leave me at the center when it comes to either being against abortion for it.