Thursday, February 18, 2010

Message left by Joe Stack, American suicide bomber

Below is a link to the suicide note (via left by Joe Stack, the guy who crashed his airplane into a building housing the local IRS, CIA, and FBI, in Austin, TX, this morning.

First of all, is it really any surprise that in this economic climate, with the government offering zero help to workers, yet lavishing billions on the already-filthy rich, som...eone would crack and feel so utterly hopeless as to take their own life in a final act of individual violence?

Second, now that an act of terrorism publicly committed on American soil has been carried out by a white, working class American, I wonder if the government will give up the ghost as far as racial profiling of Muslims goes, and start profiling "Joe Six-Pack" now instead?

Third, how does this fit into the logic of the government's 'war on terror?' The whole logic was about fighting "them," "over there," before they attack "us," "here." This proves their is nothing intrinsically 'foreign' to white America about terrorism. If the U.S. government were to treat this terrorism the same way it treated the terrorism of 9/11, we would see US planes start dropping 3,000 lbs on Texas and California.

Finally, while one should obviously reject any such acts of individual violence as this, it's worth noting that the message left behind by this particular American-bred suicide bomber are really quite socially aware and prescient. Who really can deny the veracity of the general assertions he makes about the basic injustices and inequalities of today's American society?

Download suicide note in PDF format at the following link,

Or view note online at

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