Friday, July 30, 2010


In the desert sands where the sun reigns free,
And pools of water lie ever lonely,
A camel walked both day and nite,
Never showing joy nor fright.

The camel's friend was a wild horse,
Who laughed and played and was never bored.
Occassionally, they'd talk awhile,
Occasionnally, the camel smiled.

But the two would never play for long,
Their ways would part as separate songs.
For horses must drink thrice a month,
While camels take drink from their humps.

Everytime the two would meet,
They'd talk and laugh with friendly feet.
But when they came upon a lake,
These best of friends would separate.

The horse would stop to take a drink,
The camel wouldn't even blink.
'Til distance made a separate sound,
Of clopping hoof and toes on ground.

The horse was saddened by his thirst,
Which came between the two like dirt,
And wished for humps with all his heart,
That the camel, he, need never part.

Then one day at a lonely pool,
Where the horse had come to drink and cool,
Surprised was he to see right then,
His friend, the camel, jumping in.

The camel drank, the horse just stared,
For he had been caught unawares.
To see the camel stop and drink,
Made the horse begin to think.

"My friend!" the horse exclaimed surprised,
"Tell me, for I can't surmise,"
"Why 'tis now you wet your tongue?"
"This is a thing you've never done!"

"My friend," the camel whimpered slow,
"As you may know I'm getting old."
"And as I age, my hump runs dry,"
"So now my back is flat," he sighed.

At this the horse just laughed and said,
"You've lost your hump, but gained a friend!"
"You shouldn't be so sad at all,"
"For now, alone, we needn't walk!"

At this the camel cracked a smile,
"My friend," he said, "I like your style."
"Come, let's walk and drink when dry,"
"And share this land of endless sky."


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