Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rembrandt's, "Bathsheba"

This painting has some kind of intense emotional power over me. I utterly & completely adore it. It's simply a truly glorious work of art. As John Berger describes it, Rembrandt is one of the few artists able to truly depict female nudity in a natural, seemless, & non-sexist/objectifying/lascivious way. He invites you to view the painting, not through the eyes of the outside observor, but instead through the eyes of Bathsheba herself.

It's as if you were rather inside the painting looking out -- identifying with & feeling what must be the mix of thoughts & emotions going through Bathsheba's head (as revealed in her face & posture) as she dwells upon the obligatory summons of King David that she holds in her hand.

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