Friday, July 30, 2010


There once was a girl with half-moon eyes,
Who danced a halo of falling stars,
She fell in love with a wilted rose,
Trapped in a cage of iron bars.

The girl would come to sniff the rose,
Whose smell would blush her face with glee,
But the rose turned white when she came close,
And turned its head to not be seen.

The girl would circle round the rose,
In hopes to catch its eyes by chance,
But the rose would turn its head each time,
And in this lonely way they danced.

Each time the girl would rise to leave,
The rose would turn to watch her go,
And if she looked back as she went,
The rose would turn and not be known.

The girl would sit for hours long,
And sing the rose the song of love,
The rose would weep with head away,
Blushing from the sounds above.

One day the girl crept quietly,
And stood above the back-turned rose,
She cried and cried and cried until,
The rose's pot had overflowed.

The rose, thinking a storm had passed,
Lifted its head to drink the rain,
Surprised it was to find indeed,
A face awash with tears of pain.

And for the first, their faces met,
Rose and girl with half-moon eyes,
And through the iron bars they kissed,
And danced a halo in the diamond sky.


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