Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kronstadt and Anarchism

A Look At Kronstadt 1921 | James Hinchee

Kronstadt Index at

Socialists on Kronstadt
An Anarchist on Russia: A Reply to Emma Goldman | William 'Big Bill' Haywood
Kronstadt: A Tragic Necessity | Abbie Bakan
Hue & Cry Over Kronstadt | Trotsky
The Truth About Kronstadt | John Wright
More on the Suppression of Kronstadt | Trotsky
The Tax in Kind | Lenin
The Fifth Wheel | Trotsky
1921 and All That | Brian Pearce
The Russian civil war: a Marxist analysis | Trudell
Kronstadt 1921: Bolshevism vs. Counterrevolution | 4th Intl
Kronstadt and the
Defeat of the Russian Revolution | Chris Harman

Kronstadt Takes Up Arms | Cliff

Victor Serge on Kronstadt
Kronstadt | Victor Serge
Once More: Kronstadt | Serge
Serge-Trotsky Debate
Victor Serge's Early Bolshevism | Peter Sedgwick

Paul Avrich (anarchist) on Kronstadt
Selections from Kronstadt 1921 | Paul Avrich ("the historian can sympathize with the rebels and still concede that the Bolsheviks were justified in subduing them" - page 6)

Emma Goldman on Kronstadt
Trotsky Protests Too Much | Emma Goldman
Kronstadt | Emma Goldman

Anarchist Violence Against the Bolshevik Government

Trotsky & Lenin on Anarchism
My First Exile, My Life
Why Marxists oppose Individual Terrorism, 1909
The July Days, History of the Russian Revolution
The Makhno Movement, 1919
Makhno’s Coming Over to the Side of the Soviets, 1920
How Is Makhno’s Troop Organised?, 1920
Contradictions Between the Economic Successes of the Ussr and the Bureaucratization of the Regime, 1932
Anarchism and Socialism, 1901
Guerilla Warfare, 1906
Socialism and War, 1914
State & Revolution. Controversy with the Anarchists, 1917


Anarchism vs. Marxism
Marx and Engels on Anarchism
Anarchism: A Marxist Criticism | Molyneux
Anarchism | Paul D'Amato
Marxism & Anarchism | Blackledge
Another side of anarchism | Birchall
The relevance of anarchism | Arblaster
Contemporary Anarchism | Kerl
The Makhno Myth | Yanowitz
EMMA GOLDMAN: A life of controversy | Selfa
In defense of Leon Trotsky | Gasper
Trotsky | Hallas
Anarchists in the Spanish Civil War | Bailey
Proudhon: Father of anarchism | Hal Draper
Anarchist Libertarianism? | IS Canada
Bakunin's antisemitism and his 'invisible dictatorship'
Bakunin vs. Marx | Diemer
Marx vs. Bakunin | Woods
The Philosophical Roots of the Marx-Bakunin Conflict | Robertson

Links on Proudhon, Bakunin, Kropotkin

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