Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An Ode to the Boss's Pet

You're nothing but a hypocrite, a no-good, low-down liar,
You spy on your coworkers, snitch to the supervisor.
"Don't complain about low wages! Just give thanks for what you get!"
With these words you meet all grumblings, for you are the boss's pet.

Labor unions? You can't stand 'em (barring those that never fight),
"It's in our nature to be selfish," you assure yourself each nite.
In the world you just see chaos, so you think the safest bet,
Is to back the current order and become the boss's pet.

With contempt you look upon those who subvert established power,
"Get a job!," you scold the young, "Go cut your hair and have a shower!"
Spite and malice are your guide, you've cast aside shame and regret,
Yes, there is no lower life-form than the boss's little pet.

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